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Sell, book and manage digital, print and nontraditional products from anywhere.

Today’s media sales reps need to be local market experts. They need to know their communities and be able to provide customers with the right offering, whether it’s specific to advertising or expanding into digital services. Sales reps now, more than ever, need quick and intuitive tools to give them deep insight into accounts and provide solid data to their customers.

NEWSCYCLE’s advertising systems offer a complete set of tools designed to help sales reps better serve their customers with more options than they have ever had before.

  • Sell into any media

  • CRM, sales, billing and production in a single system

  • Access key information from any device

  • Personalized dashboards for CRM data, KPIs and lead generation

  • Highly-configurable setup to conform to all business rules

  • A flexible module for billing, reporting, analytics and accounts receivable

  • Ad serving integration with real-time digital inventory checking

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NEWSCYCLE Advertising
Élan Ad

NEWSCYCLE Advertising
Media specific end-to-end advertising solution

NEWSCYCLE Advertising facilitates user-friendly and efficient selling in any possible combination of your print, digital and broadcast medias publications. With SalesLink, your sales reps have real-time data from the CRM system on any device from anywhere. NEWSCYCLE Advertising helps you increase revenue and streamline your sales process.

  • SalesLink CRM for KPI and lead generation

  • Dashboards and custom reporting widgets collect and analyze actionable on data in real-time

  • One-stop solution for selling, planning, producing, tracking and billing ads in any combination

  • Page planning and production tool

  • Ad Serving integration with real-time digital inventory checking

  • Self-service portal with support for online payment systems

  • A flexible module for billing, reporting, analytics and accounts receivable


NEWSCYCLE Solutions SalesLink Order Entry

SalesLink integrates advertising sales and CRM functionality into a single, responsive application. With SalesLink sales reps can have informed conversations with customers based on real-time data.

  • Easily determine high probability sales
  • Personalized dashboards for CRM data, KPIs and lead generation
  • Integration with Google Maps
  • A huge selection of useful widgets and sales tools
  • Overview of advertisers, audiences and campaign performance
  • Print and digital booking capabilities
  • Access to view Microsoft Exchange and Gmail calendar information from within SalesLink
  • All customer information in the palm of your hand

The Alaska Dispatch News, Dagbladet Børsen and Polaris Media ASA are live on the Newscycle SalesLink application. In our new case study, these customers explain how they are successfully using SalesLink to increase multi-channel advertising revenue. Download now.


“We saw first-hand how the NEWSCYCLE systems worked at other newspapers.
As we become a larger production center and include other publications,
we know the software will meet requirements to achieve new, aggressive production goals.”

Frank Long, Finance Director, Celtic Media Group

Élan Ad
A dynamic end-to-end advertising management platform

Élan Ad is a 100% browser-based advertising solution that gives media companies the tools to package, sell, deliver and bill any combination of products and services, from performance-based digital advertising to print ads – even event sponsorships.

  • Streamline your advertising workflow from opportunity, proposal, contract, delivery, billing and collections.

  • Offer your advertising clients 24/7 online self-service:

    • View and pay invoices
    • View, pre-pay and assign materials
    • View and e-sign proposals
    • Book new ads directly online
    • Submit materials
  • Supports all types of digital products from sales through billing:

    • Performance-based products
    • Tenancy/sponsorship products
    • Custom content and services
    • Programmatic advertising
    • E-newsletters
    • Inventory management
    • 3rd party actuals
    • Ad server integrations

Visit our Élan Ad page to learn more.

Google Doubleclick Sales Manager (DSM) replacement

Google has announced that it will retire its DoubleClick Sales Manager (DSM) in July 2019.

We’ve built Élan Ad from the ground up to be a true digital-first advertising platform. As a special incentive for Google DSM customers, we will migrate your DoubleClick data for free.

Watch a 30 minute Introduction to Élan Ad


Compact user-friendly ad management solution

AdManagerPro is a complete, end-to-end, browser-based advertising platform accessible from any location or device with internet connection. AdManagerPro is a good choice for consolidating operations with only a small installation footprint. More than 1,000 customers appreciate AdManagerPro every day.

  • The simple and intuitive user interface enables sales reps and managers to easily perform tasks, billing or reporting.

  • In the cloud or on-premises

  • All customer information, history, account details, billing, contacts etc. on one screen

  • Tight integration with ProductionManagerPro and CirculationPro

  • Reporting options for accounting, management, sales and production

  • Integration with well-known payment gateways


Efficient ad-tracking workflow

ProductionManagerPro organizes and tracks all the elements in your advertising workflow while seamlessly fitting in the rest of your production.

  • Central production repository leads to greater efficiency

  • Consolidate operations at a single location for even more cost savings

  • Reduce production costs associated with make-good ads

  • Remote access means more convenience for you and your customers


“Our biggest success has been the centralization. We brought the billing, renewal,
payable and payment processing functions into the corporate office.

We estimate that this has saved us approximately $3,000,000 annually as a result of centralization.
Both CirculationPro and AdManagerPro were instrumental in accomplishing this.”

Jamie Paxton, Vice President and Controller, Paxton Media Group

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