NEWSCYCLE Solutions launches new AdManagerPro software

Advertising management system upgrade includes expanded CRM dashboards and security features for SOC compliance



Bloomington, MN – June 23, 2016 –NEWSCYCLE Solutions is pleased to announce the 2016-1 release of AdManagerPro. This latest software release extends the AdManagerPro CRM capabilities and includes usability enhancements designed to increase productivity for sales and production staff members. The release also adds security options for data protection to secure customer credit card details through integration with payment gateways and hosted order pages.

“Removing publishers from the scope of PCI compliance through hosted order pages is a huge benefit for our customers,” said Aubrey Medley, Newscycle’s Product Manager for Marketing Solutions. “Version 2016-1 updates CRM dashboards and includes setup functionality to improve workflows and efficiency for all users. With the commenting tools, sales reps avoid multiple clicks and screens to get to the input fields they need.”

Features and enhancements in AdManagerPro 2016-1:

Expanded CRM functionality – An updated Sales Opportunity dashboard enables users to accurately track deadlines and opportunities. The setup screen in My Setasides is improved, allowing users to select which set aside categories are displayed in the dashboard. Commenting tools are added and accessed through the order entry page.

Plugins – To increase productivity and improve usability, InDesign CC 2014 plugins for AdGrabber, AdMaker and ClassFlow are included.

Hosted order page payment gateway solutions – Includes support for, Edgil PayWay, Payment Express and PayTrace. A redirected hosted vendor page removes the need for PCI compliance. Customer sites receive a validated token from the payment vendor each time a payment transaction takes place.

SOC audit logging features and access controls – Includes expanded controls for SOC 1 and 2 compliance and SOC audit requirements. Adds improvements to debug logging, EventLog records, logging for configuration changes in Instance Console, admin setup and rates admin setup.

SOC audit password security – To protect systems and comply with SOC audit requirements, password security elements are added to ensure that only authorized users are in the AMP system. Enhancements include security in password strength and validation rules, password history, password expiration, change password and forgot password options.

Download the AdManagerPro 2016-1 datasheet.

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