NEWSCYCLE Solutions and Zoomd partner to provide advanced search for news media websites

Bloomington, MN – June 17, 2016 – NEWSCYCLE Solutions has signed a partnership agreement with Zoomd, an advanced search technology company based in Tel Aviv, Israel. As a NEWSCYCLE Connect partner, NEWSCYCLE will provide Zoomd’s on-site search and monetization platforms to news media companies.

The Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities and machine-learning algorithms in Zoomd’s advanced search engine analyze a publisher’s website content based on context and match it with the user’s search data. The software delivers the most relevant editorial content and advertisements to each reader.

With Zoomd’s monetization tools, NEWSCYCLE customers can promote specific content and ads to website visitors, and offer advertisers campaign opportunities that reach a more targeted audience.

“We are excited about providing Zoomd software to our customers,” said Donna Beasley, NEWSCYCLE’s Director of Product Strategy, Core Technology. “Zoomd’s advanced platforms allow NEWSCYCLE customers to define the contents of the search directory as well as how each search result is presented. Publishers control the content through the search function, and in the process are able to gain revenues from ads and upsell opportunities.”

For more information about Zoomd, NEWSCYCLE Connect, or to become a NEWSCYCLE Connect partner, contact Donna Beasley.

About NEWSCYCLE Connect

NEWSCYCLE Connect is a technology alliance program designed for NEWSCYCLE customers offering NEWSCYCLE-approved third-party partner products, innovative technologies, open integrations, and new revenue-generating solutions.


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