Newscycle Selects Acquia to Deliver ONSET Web Content Management Channel for the News Industry

Acquia Cloud Site Factory to power Newscycle’s ONSET Web CMS channel for scalable, secure media organizations

Bloomington, MN — April 19, 2018 — NEWSCYCLE Solutions, the largest provider of software technologies for the global media industry, today announced its selection of Acquia Cloud Site Factory to serve as the foundation of Newscycle’s ONSET Web content management channel solution.

The Acquia Platform allows organizations to build, manage and activate ambitious digital experiences at scale. Thousands of organizations around the globe rely on the Acquia Platform to power the customer experience across channels. Global companies across industries use Acquia Cloud Site Factory to launch and manage hundreds of sites at breakthrough speed without compromising brand or creating chaos.

Newscycle and Acquia will collaborate on delivering transformative digital content management and audience engagement solutions for the media industry. Combining Acquia Cloud Site Factory with Amazon Web Services and the Newscycle ONSET applications suite, the new solution will provide the Web development, delivery and management for Newscycle’s ONSET Web channel.

The media content platform brings together Newscycle’s authoring, editing, workflow, planning and channel publishing tools, coupled with Acquia’s expertise in high availability, scalable and secure cloud deployments for the Web. The integrated solution will build upon the cumulative strength of Newscycle’s and Acquia’s audience experience processes required by deadline-driven, multi-channel media organizations.

“Media organizations need to be ever-present for audiences across every channel,” said Jairo Romero, Acquia chief revenue officer. “Acquia’s multisite technology is built for speed and scale, providing the technical edge to accelerate Newscycle’s innovation. As newsrooms consolidate platforms and streamline content delivery, Newscycle is helping media companies move beyond website delivery to delivering immersive experiences at every touchpoint that will lead to greater revenue.”

“The partnership between Acquia and Newscycle brings a unique combination of skills and technology required to deliver a content management platform that puts audiences squarely at the center of a media company’s digital strategy,” said Bob Mason, Newscycle’s executive vice president of cloud operations and IT. “Acquia is recognized by analysts like Gartner, Forrester and IDC as a leading provider of cloud-based digital experience management solutions. Newscycle’s expertise in developing digital and print authoring, editing and workflow tools enables us to provide our customers with a best-of-breed platform designed specifically to meet the needs of the news media industry.”

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