NEWSCYCLE adds Youneeq to its Connect Technology Alliance Program

Bloomington, MN – June 6, 2016 – NEWSCYCLE Solutions announces it has signed a NEWSCYCLE Connect partnership agreement with Youneeq, a predictive analytics content recommendation company based in Victoria, British Columbia. The agreement enables NEWSCYCLE to offer the Youneeq data-driven technology to news media companies world-wide.

The Youneeq patent-pending system matches and delivers relevant news content to readers across all platforms and from all traffic sources, which provides NEWSCYCLE customers with higher real-time audience engagement levels. The Youneeq software targets and identifies users via behavioral big data, resulting in increased fill rates, improved effective cost-per-thousand impressions (eCPM), and time-on-site. The software tracks real humans, not robots, and revenue attributed to Youneeq pages on average range between 5 and 20 percent.

“We are excited about this new partnership and the many options it presents to NEWSCYCLE customers,” said Mark Walker, President of Youneeq. “Our customers have experienced a 150% increase in page views per session and dwell-times from search. Also, as a result of recommended content, social media referrals have increased as much as 500% for companies using the Youneeq software.”

Donna Beasley, NEWSCYCLE’s Director of Product Strategy, Core Technology, said, “News publishers need an advanced content targeting strategy, and we are happy to include Youneeq as a NEWSCYCLE Connect partner. Content should be created and delivered based on analytical decision-making tools. Youneeq brings automated, behaviorally targeted full-site content curation to NEWSCYCLE customers.”

For more information about Youneeq, NEWSCYCLE Connect, or to become a NEWSCYCLE Connect partner, contact Donna Beasley.

About NEWSCYCLE Connect

NEWSCYCLE Connect is a technology alliance program designed for NEWSCYCLE customers offering NEWSCYCLE-approved third-party partner products, innovative technologies, open integrations, and new revenue-generating solutions.

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