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Norwegian media group optimizes sales with NEWSCYCLE SalesLink

Aalborg, Denmark – 13 January 2017 – NEWSCYCLE Solutions is proud to announce that Polaris Media Nordvestlandet, Polaris Media Nord-Norge and Trønder-Avisa Concern are live on NEWSCYCLE Content and SalesLink 2016. With SalesLink browser-based CRM tool for mobile and tablet, the media group can combine all advertising formats with all platforms and channels. Also, sales [...]

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Jysk Fynske Medier jetzt wahrhaft digital mit Content-Management-Software von NEWSCYCLE Solutions

Aalborg, Dänemark  – 9. Dezember 2016 –NEWSCYCLE Solutions gibt bekannt, dass Jysk Fynske Medier on Fyn jetzt aktiv NEWSCYCLE Content und Content Planner einsetzt. Im Februar 2017 wird die gesamte Mediengruppe live auf NEWSCYCLE Content sein. Mit der Installation der neuen Systeme verfügen sämtliche Bereiche von Jysk Fynske Medier über ein Content-Management-System mit einer zentralen [...]

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Sogn Avis ist jetzt live auf dem von NEWSCYCLE Solutions gehosteten digitalen Content-Management-System

Aalborg, Dänemark – 2. Dezember 2016 – NEWSCYCLE Solutions gibt bekannt, dass Sogn Avis ( in Leikanger, Norwegen, jetzt live auf NEWSCYCLE Digital ist. Lite Editor und Reporter Client Add-ons werden nun in der Hosting-Umgebung der NEWSCYCLE Cloud ausgeführt. NEWSCYCLE Digital integriert sich bei Sogn Avis mit NEWSCYCLE Content. Die in der Software eingebetteten Tools für Responsive [...]

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Jysk Fynske Medier goes truly digital with NEWSCYCLE content management software

Aalborg, Denmark – December 9, 2016 – NEWSCYCLE Solutions announces that Jysk Fynske Medier on Fyn is live on NEWSCYCLE Content and Content Planner. In February 2017, the entire media group will be live on NEWSCYCLE Content. With the new systems in place, all Jysk Fynske Medier properties will have a content management system with a central source [...]

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Sogn Avis is live on NEWSCYCLE Solutions’ hosted digital content management system

Aalborg, Denmark – December 2, 2016  - NEWSCYCLE Solutions announces that Sogn Avis ( in Leikanger, Norway, is live on NEWSCYCLE Digital, with Lite Editor and Reporter Client add-ons, deployed in the NEWSCYCLE Cloud hosting environment. NEWSCYCLE Digital is integrated with NEWSCYCLE Content at Sogn Avis. The responsive design and production tools in the software offer [...]

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NEWSCYCLE Solutions delivers new content targeting module in ONSET 2016-4

Latest ONSET release adds new functionality for personalized content recommendations, audience analytics, ad serving and messaging Bloomington, MN – November 30, 2016 – NEWSCYCLE Solutions announces the general release of the ONSET 2016-4 digital content management platform. The latest software introduces ONSET Engage, NEWSCYCLE’s content personalization and targeting module. ONSET 2016-4 also provides enhanced ad [...]

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NEWSCYCLE Solutions exceeds 100 system deployments in 90 days

Bloomington, MN - November 18, 2016 - NEWSCYCLE Solutions reports third quarter go-lives of its mobile, circulation, advertising and editorial platforms for customers in North America, Australia and Europe. NEWSCYCLE’s go-lives include: NEWSCYCLE Mobile San Francisco Media Company, a Black Press Ltd. company, is live on NEWSCYCLE Mobile applications at two of its portfolio properties, [...]

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NEWSCYCLE adds support for Facebook Instant Articles in latest ONSET release

Bloomington, MN – September 28, 2016 – NEWSCYCLE Solutions announces the release of the ONSET digital content management platform. The latest ONSET 2016-3 release includes an option to publish articles, images and videos to readers’ Facebook accounts and display these as Instant Articles. The new release also adds a story recommendation engine, as well as [...]

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NEWSCYCLE Solutions announces digital content management system release

NEWSCYCLE’s ONSET 2016-2 includes an integrated Slack messaging tool, digital content placement options and URL tracking features Bloomington, MN – September 8, 2016 – NEWSCYCLE Solutions announces the delivery of ONSET 2016-2. ONSET is the new digital content management system released in July 2016. The software is built on Drupal 8 technology and includes modules, widgets [...]

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Bee Publishing Company’s Newtown Bee is live on NEWSCYCLE Content

Bloomington, MN – August 29, 2016 – NEWSCYCLE Solutions announces that the Newtown Bee, a Bee Publishing Company property in Newtown, CT, is live on NEWSCYCLE’s content management and production system. NEWSCYCLE Content provides a collaborative work environment with real-time visibility into all production pages and story elements. The system includes content planning tools to automate [...]

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