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Rethinking Audience Segmentation, Targeting and Engagement

You don’t know me. You may think you do, but you really don’t. Sure, I like basketball and tennis. But, when I visit my favorite news media website, that doesn’t mean I want to constantly see ads for basketball tickets or stories about Wimbledon showing up in my personalized home page. Your targeting software may [...]

Compliant or Complacent?

What Every Media Company Needs to Know About PCI Compliance At first glance, it all sounds so simple and straightforward. Back in 2006, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) – the good folks from Visa, MasterCard, American Express and others – came up with a set of rules to ensure that all merchants maintain a secure [...]

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One Cheek to Kiss

When shopping for point applications or enterprise software systems, buyers face a familiar dilemma. Best-of-breed or single-source? Is it better to purchase the best components possible and make sure they all work together? Or, is it preferable to work with one supplier who will take responsibility for installing and supporting the entire package? For companies [...]

The ROI of Analytics and Audience Engagement

NEWSCYCLE recently conducted a survey of more than 200 news media executives, directors and managers. We asked respondents to rank their most important business priorities through the end of 2015. Over 51% said that “audience engagement, targeting and personalization” was a high priority, and a whopping 78% put “reporting, analytics and business intelligence” at the [...]

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