The Newscycle Users Group – EMEA Conference is coming

We’re less than two months away from our Newscycle-EMEA Users Conference, May 8-9 in Malmö, Sweden. The team is hard at work finalizing the schedule and we’re sending out invitations. Any Newscycle customer (including those of our acquired companies) is welcome to attend. You can find more information at this link. We managed to wrangle [...]

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Big Data and AI – more than Buzzwords

“Big Data” and “AI” (artificial intelligence) are buzzwords that have been woven into corporate and finance strategy session discussions around the globe for a number of years.   They’re more than cool-sounding words; unlike other buzzwords, they have substance, especially when used in partnership with one another. It is no surprise that data-driven decision making is [...]

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Why Newsletters?

By Karina Fabian The future of Print is newsletters. - Jeff Shine, Newscycle's Executive Vice President of Ad Development Platforms It’s a common belief that the day of email has passed. For some, this is true: GDPR and spam filters have indeed cut the efficacy of email marketing for many businesses. However, when people are [...]

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Nine Reasons to Have a Self-Service Subscriptions Portal

By Karina Fabian A subscription-based revenue system relies heavily on customer satisfaction, and customers love convenience and control. One way to support those desires is through a self-serve subscription portal. We are living in a subscription economy, not only for digital products but also for physical items. The publishing industry is no stranger to this, [...]

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User Experience (UX) Design Maturity and the UX Tipping Point

By Joakim Holmevi, Infomaker The expectations from the users have changed since the beginning of computer technologies. Earlier, when a new technology emerged, the user’s customs were to measure features among different products. But the time has changed and in recent years we have seen a new paradigm on user expectations. The paradigm has [...]

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How events boost profits, reduce subscriber churn

By Karina Fabian Recently, Bergens Tidende, one of the largest papers in Norway, wrote in an INMA blog about how hosting events has helped them build brand loyalty, differentiate themselves in the market, and increase subscriptions and advertising profits. The idea of hosting events is not a new one but isn’t often talked about. It [...]

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Why News Media Need Flexible Paywalls

By: Karina Fabian, Marketing Communications Specialist Last week, my husband, Rob, came home excited. A friend discovered Rob’s company had been mentioned in a news article about startup spaceflight companies. The friend shot him a link, and he quickly pulled it up. It was hidden behind a paywall. To make matters worse, the only way [...]

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Is print really dying? Or just metamorphosizing in purpose?

By: Karina Fabian, Marketing Communications SpecialistIs print dying or metamorphosizing in purpose?The past year has seen incredible change in the news media industry, as print newspapers and magazines have stopped or greatly reduced print production. The trend is continuing. This month, The Forward, a magazine for Jewish Americans, stopped print production after 121 years and [...]

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As magazine incomes decline, publishers turn to technologies for help

By: Karina Fabian, Marketing Communications Specialist It’s no surprise to publishers that the magazine industry is in a decline. The PwC Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2015-2020 predicts that by 2020, the magazine industry will have dropped 20% of its 2015 rate, representing a loss of approximately $19 billion globally. While 134 titles launched [...]

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Newsletter Subscriber provides end users self-service, takes burden of administrators

Newsletters are an important way for corporations to share breaking news with their employees and clients. not only offers newsletter administrators access to the content they need in real-time, but also allows them to easily put it in newsletter format. Administrators are often responsible for managing the distribution lists for those that need [...]

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