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Skive Folkeblad partners with Newscycle to implement the Infomaker platform

Danish news media company expands its content management system with the Infomaker suite for web presentation and integrated data repository Bloomington, MN - November 19, 2018 - NEWSCYCLE Solutions, the leading provider of content management, advertising and subscription technologies for the global news media industry, today announced that Skive Folkeblad ( in Skive, Denmark [...]

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Nordjyske Medier goes live with Digital Writer, Dashboard and OpenContent

Bloomington, MN - November 15, 2018 - On October 31, NEWSCYCLE Solutions (“Newscycle), a leading provider of news media technologies, completed its project with Nordjyske Medier, and the news media group is now live with the Infomaker Digital Writer, Dashboard and Open Content platform. Digital Writer, Dashboard and Open Content are digital-first solutions developed [...]

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10 – Plus One! – Take-Aways from the INMA Consumer Engagement Summit

By: Peter Marsh, Vice President Marketing INMA held its Consumer Engagement Summit in Miami, FL, Nov 8-9, and our VP of Marketing, Peter Marsh, was there to learn the latest on how news media companies are striving to find, cultivate and retain readers. Here are 11 takeaways you should know: Membership has its privileges. [...]

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The Latest Cyber Security Threats

Cyber-attacks are growing so frequent, Virtual Armor says in the past year, they’ve entered such normalcy that only the large-scale attacks are getting media attention. In fact, VA asserts that one doesn’t even need to be an expert hacker to affect a cyberattack, just access to the right tools. Join Newscycle’s Joe Manley as [...]

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Ten Fun Facts About Infomaker

By: Karina Fabian, Marketing Communications Specialist Infomaker joined Newscycle in July 2018 and has impressed everyone not only with its excellent products but with the upbeat, friendly and optimistic attitudes of its employees. They love to work hard and have fun. Here are some interesting and amusing facts about the latest addition to the Newscycle [...]

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Introduction to Élan Ad Recording

We know the future is digital, and to help fuel that future, we’ve acquired companies with that share that digital mindset. In this deminar, we introduce you to Élan Ad, a digital-first advertising solution by Media Services Group. Join Wayne Burrows as he demonstrates how Élan Ad: • Manages all forms of media sales, [...]

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Élan Book Datasheet

Élan Book is a quote-­‐to-­‐cash system built specifically for the book publishing and information delivery industries. Accessible from any device, Élan helps publishers manage the supply chain from planning to fulfillment, end to end, selling a wide range of products. SEND ME THE DATASHEET Related Content [...]

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Infomaker Customer Testimonials

People are talking – and it’s love at first site! Since we acquired Infomaker in June, we’ve heard many wonderful testimonies about how our CMS platform has helped to reduce workload, simplify training and – best of all – let reporters concentrate on producing great content. Fill out the form to get our new [...]

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Meet Digital Detective Wayne Burrows

Regaining consciousness was hard. Doing it while being sucker punched was even worse. “Wake up!” Tiny Bighouse slapped my face for good measure. Then someone threw water on me. Really, I prefer my baths alone. I forced my eyes open enough to see an expensive black dinner jacket over a white tuxedo shirt. The [...]