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Our Mission

We enable news media to thrive in a rapidly transforming market in order to protect the integrity of information and create more informed individuals and stronger communities.

About NEWSCYCLE Solutions

NEWSCYCLE Solutions is the leading provider of software and services powering the global media industry. Our content management, advertising management, subscription management and mobile solutions help companies drive profitability and accelerate digital business models.

With headquarters in Bloomington, MN and regional offices throughout the world, NEWSCYCLE Solutions is a trusted partner serving over 10,000 news media, broadcast, magazine, financial services and corporate clients.

Our Core Values

Get It Done: Leveraging existing tools and learn new things to deliver results
Know Your Stuff: Understand the business, industry, and the changing global media landscape
Work Together: Hold ourselves accountable to work collaboratively to meet goals and solve key industry challenges
Problem Solver: Find a solution even when the tools/data are not readily available
All In: Excited about our work, wanting to do more, wanting to do better

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The NEWSCYCLE Community

NEWSCYCLE has a strong and active user community.
Membership in a NEWSCYCLE user group brings opportunities to share money-saving and problem-solving ideas, focus on innovation and industry trends, and to network and build relationships with others using the same NEWSCYCLE software. Users from all over the world participate in a user group and attend annual conferences.
User conferences are held in the United States, Europe and Australia.

Our Offices

7900 International Drive, Suite 800
Bloomington, Minnesota 55425 USA
Phone: +1.651.639.0662
Fax: +1.651.639.0306

Melbourne, Florida
Tampa, Florida
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Rochester, Minnesota
Salt Lake City, Utah
Montreal, Canada

Aalborg, Denmark
Darmstadt, Germany
Helsingborg, Sweden
Brentwood, United Kingdom

Panama City, Panama

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Sydney, Australia

Executive Leadership

Scott Roessler
Chief Executive Officer

Dan Paulus
Chief Revenue Officer

Jeff Neunsinger
Chief Financial Officer

Jonas Bringle
Managing Director EMEA

Bill Mercer
Executive VP of Services and Support

Bob Mason
Executive VP of Cloud Operations and IT

Products and Technology Executive Leadership

Karin Söderlund
President and General Manager Content

Leo Brunnick
Chief Digital Officer

Patrick Glennon
President and General Manager Audience

Jeff Shine
President and General Manager Advertising

Brad Scher
President and General Manager Data

Bill Everitt
General Manager Book and Commerce